Hot corner and more

Minimal download size, minimal memory footprint, does not take a lot of screen real estate.

The app works completely offline and does not collect any personal data whatsoever, as per the Privacy Policy.

Easily enable/disable sleep

Right click on the app in the icon tray to disable or re-enable sleep mode.

Enable hot corner to easily view all of your open windows

Right click and select the option to enable hot corner to show all of your windows when you move the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the screen.

Basic and non-intrusive pomodoro timer

Left click on the app to open/close the pomodoro timer, click on the button or use the app menu to start.

Usage Tips

What do I need to start?

Just install and run the app. After downloading the installer it is advisable to compare the SHA256 checksum of the file you have with the checksum on the Downloads page. If you'd like the app to start automatically when you boot Windows, right click on the app icon and check the option "Run on startup". If you installed the app from the Microsoft Store, it will prompt you to either use the Task Manager or Settings -> Startup Apps.

How to access all the options easier?

For easy access, we recommend that you enable the option for the app to always be shown in the system tray. To do so, open Taskar Settings, go to "Other system tray icons" and check KavaTomato.exe to be always visible.

How to change settings?

Simply right click on the app icon, select "Settings", change what you want, click Apply, and close the settings window.

How to upgrade or uninstall?

If you have downloaded the app from this web site, download the installer for the new version and run it, it will be upgraded automatically. Uninstall by running "Add or remove programs", selecting KavaTomato and "Uninstall". It will upgrade automatically if you have installed it from Microsoft Store.

What is the "Windows key position" setting?

If you have remapped your Windows key to a different location with a utility like Windows PowerToys, hot corner functionality won't be available until you tell KavaTomato where you have remapped the key.

How to support further development?

The app is distributed as a time-unlimited trial. You can use it for free. However, if you'd like to support further development, you can purchase it in the Microsoft Store.